Annotation Interface EndpointId

@Target({METHOD,ANNOTATION_TYPE}) @Retention(RUNTIME) @Documented public @interface EndpointId
When used alongside an EIP annotation (and no @Bean), specifies the bean name of the consumer bean with the handler bean being id.handler (for a consuming endpoint) or id.source for a message source (e.g. inbound channel adapter).

When there is also a @Bean annotation, this is the name of the consumer or source polling bean (the handler or source gets the normal @Bean name). When using on a MessageHandler @Bean, it is recommended to name the bean foo.handler when using @EndpointId("foo". This will align with conventions in the framework. Similarly, for a message source, use @Bean("bar.source" and @EndpointId("bar").

This is not allowed if there are multiple EIP annotations on the same method.

Gary Russell
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      String value
      the id