Class CompoundTriggerAdvice

All Implemented Interfaces:
Advice, Interceptor, MethodInterceptor, MessageSourceMutator, ReceiveMessageAdvice

public class CompoundTriggerAdvice extends Object implements MessageSourceMutator, ReceiveMessageAdvice
A MessageSourceMutator that uses a CompoundTrigger to adjust the poller - when a message is present, the compound trigger's primary trigger is used to determine the next poll. When no message is present, the override trigger is used.

The poller advised by this class must be configured to use the same CompoundTrigger instance and must not use a task executor.

Gary Russell, Artem Bilan
  • Constructor Details

    • CompoundTriggerAdvice

      public CompoundTriggerAdvice(CompoundTrigger compoundTrigger, Trigger overrideTrigger)
  • Method Details

    • afterReceive

      public Message<?> afterReceive(Message<?> result, MessageSource<?> source)
      Description copied from interface: MessageSourceMutator
      Subclasses can take actions based on the result of the poll; e.g. adjust the trigger. The message can also be replaced with a new one.
      Specified by:
      afterReceive in interface MessageSourceMutator
      result - the received message.
      source - the message source.
      the message or null