Class StandardIntegrationFlow

All Implemented Interfaces:
Aware, BeanNameAware, Lifecycle, Phased, SmartLifecycle, IntegrationFlow, NamedComponent

public class StandardIntegrationFlow extends Object implements IntegrationFlow, SmartLifecycle, BeanNameAware, NamedComponent
The standard implementation of the IntegrationFlow interface instantiated by the Framework. Represents a logical container for the components configured for the integration flow. It can be treated as a single component, especially when declaring dynamically, using the IntegrationFlowContext.

Being the logical container for the target integration components, this class controls the lifecycle of all those components, when its start() and stop() are invoked.

This component is never autoStartup, because all the components are registered as beans in the application context and their initial start up phase is controlled from the lifecycle processor automatically.

However, when we register an IntegrationFlow dynamically using the IntegrationFlowContext API, the lifecycle processor from the application context is not involved; therefore we should control the lifecycle of the beans manually, or rely on the IntegrationFlowContext API. Its created registration is autoStartup by default and starts the flow when it is registered. If you disable the registration's auto- startup behavior, you are responsible for starting the flow or its component beans.

This component doesn't track its running state during stop() action and delegates directly to stop the registered components, to avoid dangling processes after a registered IntegrationFlow is removed from the flow context.

Artem Bilan
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