Class IpHeaders


public final class IpHeaders
extends Object
Headers for Messages mapped from IP datagram packets.
Mark Fisher, Gary Russell, Dave Syer, Artem Bilan
  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type Field Description
    static String ACK_ADDRESS
    The remote ip address to which UDP application-level acks will be sent.
    static String ACK_ID
    A correlation id for UDP application-level acks.
    static String ACTUAL_CONNECTION_ID
    For information only - when using a cached or failover client connection factory, contains the actual underlying connection id.
    static String CONNECTION_ID
    A unique identifier for a TCP connection; set by the framework for inbound messages; when sending to a server-side inbound channel adapter, or replying to an inbound gateway, this header is required so the endpoint can determine which connection to send the message to.
    static String HOSTNAME
    The host name from which a TCP message or UDP packet was received.
    static String IP_ADDRESS
    The ip address from which a TCP message or UDP packet was received.
    static String IP_PREFIX
    The "ip_" prefix for UDP and TCP headers.
    static String LOCAL_ADDRESS
    The local address (InetAddress) that the socket is connected to.
    static String PACKET_ADDRESS
    The remote address for a UDP packet.
    static String PORT
    The remote port for a UDP packet.
    static String REMOTE_PORT
    The remote port from which a TCP message was received.
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