Package org.springframework.integration.transformer

Interface Summary
Transformer Strategy interface for transforming a Message.

Class Summary
AbstractHeaderTransformer A base class for Transformer implementations that modify the header values of a Message.
AbstractPayloadTransformer<T,U> A base class for Transformer implementations that modify the payload of a Message.
HeaderEnricher A Transformer that adds statically configured header values to a Message.
MessageTransformingChannelInterceptor A ChannelInterceptor which invokes a Transformer when either sending-to or receiving-from a channel.
MessageTransformingHandler A reply-producing MessageHandler that delegates to a Transformer instance to modify the received Message and sends the result to its output channel.
ObjectToStringTransformer A simple transformer that creates an outbound payload by invoking the inbound payload Object's toString() method.
PayloadDeserializingTransformer Transformer that deserializes the inbound byte array payload to an object.
PayloadSerializingTransformer Transformer that serializes the inbound payload into a byte array.

Exception Summary
MessageTransformationException Base Exception type for Message transformation errors.