Package org.springframework.integration.aggregator

Interface Summary
CompletionStrategy Strategy for determining when a group of messages reaches a state of completion (i.e.
CorrelationStrategy Strategy for determining how messages shall be correlated.

Class Summary
AbstractMessageAggregator A base class for aggregating a group of Messages into a single Message.
AbstractMessageBarrierHandler<T extends Collection<? extends Message<?>>> Base class for MessageBarrier-based Message Handlers.
CompletionStrategyAdapter Adapter for methods annotated with @CompletionStrategy and for 'completion-strategy' elements that include a 'method' attribute (e.g.
CorrelationStrategyAdapter CorrelationStrategy implementation that works as an adapter to another bean.
DefaultMessageAggregator The Default Message Aggregator implementation that combines a group of messages into a single message containing a List of all payloads.
HeaderAttributeCorrelationStrategy Default implementation of CorrelationStrategy.
MessageBarrier<T extends Collection<? extends Message<?>>> Utility class for AbstractMessageBarrierHandler and its subclasses for storing objects while in transit.
MessageListMethodAdapter Base class for implementing adapters for methods which take as an argument a list of Message instances or payloads.
MessageSequenceComparator A Comparator implementation based on the 'sequence number' property of a Message's header.
MethodInvokingAggregator AbstractMessageAggregator adapter for methods annotated with @Aggregator annotation and for aggregator elements (e.g.
Resequencer An AbstractMessageBarrierHandler that waits for a group of Messages to arrive and re-sends them in order, sorted by their sequenceNumber.
SequenceSizeCompletionStrategy An implementation of CompletionStrategy that simply compares the current size of the message list to the expected 'sequenceSize' according to the first Message in the list.