Package org.springframework.integration.http

Interface Summary
HttpRequest Representation of an HTTP request to be executed by an implementation of the HttpRequestExecutor strategy.
HttpRequestExecutor Strategy for executing an http request response exchange with a remote server.
HttpResponse Representation of an HTTP response as returned by an implementation of the HttpRequestExecutor strategy.
InboundRequestMapper Strategy interface for mapping from an inbound HttpServletRequest to a Message.
OutboundRequestMapper Strategy for mapping to an HttpRequest from a message.

Class Summary
AbstractHttpRequestExecutor Base class for HttpRequestExecutor implementations.
CommonsHttpRequestExecutor Implementation of HttpRequestExecutor that uses a commons-http HttpClient to execute HttpRequest instances.
DataBindingInboundRequestMapper InboundRequestMapper implementation that binds the request parameter map to a target instance.
DefaultInboundRequestMapper Default implementation of InboundRequestMapper for inbound HttpServletRequests.
DefaultOutboundRequestMapper Default implementation of OutboundRequestMapper.
HttpInboundEndpoint An inbound endpoint for handling an HTTP request and generating a response.
HttpOutboundEndpoint An outbound endpoint that maps a request Message to an HttpRequest, executes that request, and then maps the response to a reply Message.
SimpleHttpRequestExecutor Implementation of HttpRequestExecutor that uses HttpURLConnection directly.

Exception Summary
ResponseStatusCodeException Exception that provides a response status code.