Package org.springframework.integration.file

Interface Summary
DirectoryScanner Strategy for scanning directories.
FileListFilter Strategy interface for filtering a group of files.
FileNameGenerator Strategy interface for generating a file name from a message.

Class Summary
AbstractFileListFilter A convenience base class for any FileListFilter whose criteria can be evaluated against each File in isolation.
AcceptOnceFileListFilter FileListFilter that passes files only one time.
CompositeFileListFilter Composition that delegates to multiple FileFilters.
DefaultFileNameGenerator Default implementation of the filename generator strategy.
FileHeaders Pre-defined header names to be used when storing or retrieving File-related values to/from integration Message Headers.
FileReadingMessageSource MessageSource that creates messages from a file system directory.
FileWritingMessageHandler A MessageHandler implementation that writes the Message payload to a file.
PatternMatchingFileListFilter A FileListFilter implementation that matches against a Pattern.
RecursiveLeafOnlyDirectoryScanner DirectoryScanner that lists all files inside a directory and subdirectories, without limit.