Package org.springframework.integration.aggregator

Interface Summary
CorrelationStrategy Strategy for determining how messages can be correlated.
MessageGroupProcessor A processor for correlated groups of messages.
ReleaseStrategy Strategy for determining when a group of messages reaches a state of completion (i.e.

Class Summary
AbstractAggregatingMessageGroupProcessor Base class for MessageGroupProcessor implementations that aggregate the group of Messages into a single Message.
CorrelatingMessageBarrier This Endpoint serves as a barrier for messages that should not be processed yet.
CorrelatingMessageHandler Message handler that holds a buffer of correlated messages in a MessageStore.
DefaultAggregatingMessageGroupProcessor This implementation of MessageGroupProcessor will take the messages from the MessageGroup and pass them on in a single message with a Collection as a payload.
ExpressionEvaluatingCorrelationStrategy CorrelationStrategy implementation that evaluates an expression.
ExpressionEvaluatingMessageGroupProcessor A MessageGroupProcessor implementation that evaluates a SpEL expression.
ExpressionEvaluatingMessageListProcessor A base class for aggregators that evaluates a SpEL expression with the message list as the root object within the evaluation context.
ExpressionEvaluatingReleaseStrategy A ReleaseStrategy that evaluates an expression.
HeaderAttributeCorrelationStrategy Default implementation of CorrelationStrategy.
MessageCountReleaseStrategy A ReleaseStrategy that releases only the first n messages, where n is a threshold.
MessageSequenceComparator A Comparator implementation based on the 'sequence number' property of a Message's header.
MethodInvokingCorrelationStrategy CorrelationStrategy implementation that works as an adapter to another bean.
MethodInvokingMessageGroupProcessor MessageGroupProcessor that serves as an adapter for the invocation of a POJO method.
MethodInvokingMessageListProcessor<T> A MessageListProcessor implementation that invokes a method on a target POJO.
MethodInvokingReleaseStrategy A ReleaseStrategy that invokes a method on a plain old Java object.
PassThroughMessageGroupProcessor This implementation of MessageGroupProcessor will return all unmarked messages inside the group.
ResequencingMessageGroupProcessor This class implements all the strategy interfaces needed for a default resequencer.
SequenceSizeReleaseStrategy An implementation of ReleaseStrategy that simply compares the current size of the message list to the expected 'sequenceSize'.
TimeoutCountSequenceSizeReleaseStrategy A ReleaseStrategy that releases all messages if any of the following is true: The sequence is complete (if there is one). There are more messages than a threshold set by the user. The time elapsed since the earliest message, according to their timestamps, exceeds a timeout set by the user.