Interface Summary
ChannelInterceptor Interface for interceptors that are able to view and/or modify the Messages being sent-to and/or received-from a MessageChannel.

Class Summary
AbstractMessageChannel Base class for MessageChannel implementations providing common properties such as the channel name.
AbstractPollableChannel Base class for all pollable channels.
AbstractSubscribableChannel Base implementation of MessageChannel that invokes the subscribed handler(s) by delegating to a MessageDispatcher.
ChannelPurger A utility class for purging Messages from one or more QueueChannels.
DirectChannel A channel that invokes a single subscriber for each sent Message.
ExecutorChannel An implementation of MessageChannel that delegates to an instance of UnicastingDispatcher which in turn delegates all dispatching invocations to an Executor.
MessagePublishingErrorHandler ErrorHandler implementation that sends an ErrorMessage to a MessageChannel.
NullChannel A channel implementation that essentially behaves like "/dev/null".
PriorityChannel A message channel that prioritizes messages based on a Comparator.
PublishSubscribeChannel A channel that sends Messages to each of its subscribers.
QueueChannel Simple implementation of a message channel.
RendezvousChannel A zero-capacity version of QueueChannel that delegates to a SynchronousQueue internally.