Package org.springframework.integration.gateway

Interface Summary
RequestReplyExchanger Interface for a request/reply Message exchange.

Class Summary
AbstractRemotingOutboundGateway A base class for outbound URL-based Messaging Gateways.
GatewayMethodDefinition Represents the definition of Gateway methods, when using multiple methods per Gateway interface.
GatewayProxyFactoryBean Generates a proxy for the provided service interface to enable interaction with messaging components without application code being aware of them allowing for POJO-style interaction.
MessagingGatewaySupport A convenient base class for connecting application code to MessageChannels for sending, receiving, or request-reply operations.
RemotingInboundGatewaySupport Support class for inbound Messaging Gateways.
SimpleMessageMapper An implementation of the InboundMessageMapper and OutboundMessageMapper strategy interfaces that maps directly to and from the Message payload instance.