Package org.springframework.integration.http

Interface Summary
ContentTypeResolver Strategy for resolving the content type of a given object.
InboundRequestMapper Strategy interface for mapping from an inbound HttpServletRequest to a Message.
MultipartFileReader<T> Strategy for reading MultipartFile content.

Class Summary
DataBindingInboundRequestMapper InboundRequestMapper implementation that binds the request parameter map to a target instance.
DefaultHttpHeaderMapper Default HeaderMapper implementation for HTTP.
DefaultMultipartFileReader MultipartFileReader implementation that reads the MultipartFile content directly into a new MultipartFile instance that is not restricted to the HTTP request scope.
FileCopyingMultipartFileReader MultipartFileReader implementation that copies the MulitpartFile's content to a new temporary File in the specified directory.
HttpRequestExecutingMessageHandler A MessageHandler implementation that executes HTTP requests by delegating to a RestTemplate instance.
HttpRequestHandlingController Inbound HTTP endpoint that implements Spring's Controller interface to be used with a DispatcherServlet front controller.
HttpRequestHandlingMessagingGateway Inbound Messaging Gateway that handles HTTP Requests.
MultipartAwareFormHttpMessageConverter An HttpMessageConverter implementation that delegates to an instance of XmlAwareFormHttpMessageConverter while adding the capability to read multipart/form-data content in an HTTP request.
SerializingHttpMessageConverter An HttpMessageConverter implementation for Serializable instances.
SimpleMultipartFileReader MultipartFileReader implementation that does not maintain metadata from the original MultipartFile instance.
UploadedMultipartFile A MultipartFile implementation that represents an uploaded File.

Exception Summary
ResponseStatusCodeException Exception that provides a response status code.