Package org.springframework.integration.router

Class Summary
AbstractMessageRouter Base class for all Message Routers.
AbstractSingleChannelNameRouter Extends AbstractChannelNameResolvingMessageRouter to support router implementations that always return a single channel name (or null).
ErrorMessageExceptionTypeRouter A Message Router that resolves the target MessageChannel for messages whose payload is an Exception.
ExpressionEvaluatingRouter A Message Router implementation that evaluates the specified SpEL expression.
HeaderValueRouter A Message Router that resolves the MessageChannel from a header value.
MethodInvokingRouter A Message Router that invokes the specified method on the given object.
PayloadTypeRouter A Message Router that resolves the MessageChannel based on the Message's payload type.
RecipientListRouter <recipient-list-router id="simpleRouter" input-channel="routingChannelA"> <recipient channel="channel1"/> <recipient channel="channel2"/> </recipient-list-router>