Class DefaultChannelAccessPolicy

  extended by
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public class DefaultChannelAccessPolicy
extends java.lang.Object
implements ChannelAccessPolicy

Creates the ConfigAttributes for secured channel send and receive operations based on simple String values.

Constructor Summary
DefaultChannelAccessPolicy(java.lang.String sendAccess, java.lang.String receiveAccess)
          Create an access policy instance.
Method Summary
 java.util.Collection<> getConfigAttributesForReceive()
 java.util.Collection<> getConfigAttributesForSend()
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultChannelAccessPolicy(java.lang.String sendAccess,
                                  java.lang.String receiveAccess)
Create an access policy instance. The provided 'sendAccess' and 'receiveAccess' values may be a single String or a comma-delimited list of values. All whitespace will be trimmed. A null value indicates that the policy does not apply for either send or receive access type. At most one of the values may be null.

Method Detail


public java.util.Collection<> getConfigAttributesForSend()
Specified by:
getConfigAttributesForSend in interface ChannelAccessPolicy


public java.util.Collection<> getConfigAttributesForReceive()
Specified by:
getConfigAttributesForReceive in interface ChannelAccessPolicy