Package org.springframework.integration.file

Interface Summary
DirectoryScanner Strategy for scanning directories.
FileLocker A FileLocker is a strategy that can ensure that files are only processed a single time.
FileNameGenerator Strategy interface for generating a file name from a message.

Class Summary
DefaultDirectoryScanner Default directory scanner and base class for other directory scanners.
DefaultFileNameGenerator Default implementation of the filename generator strategy.
FileHeaders Pre-defined header names to be used when storing or retrieving File-related values to/from integration Message Headers.
FileReadingMessageSource MessageSource that creates messages from a file system directory.
FileWritingMessageHandler A MessageHandler implementation that writes the Message payload to a file.
HeadDirectoryScanner A custom scanner that only returns the first maxNumberOfFiles elements from a directory listing.
RecursiveLeafOnlyDirectoryScanner DirectoryScanner that lists all files inside a directory and subdirectories, without limit.