Package org.springframework.integration.handler

Interface Summary
MessageProcessor<T> This defines the lowest-level strategy of processing a Message and returning some Object (or null).

Class Summary
AbstractMessageHandler Base class for MessageHandler implementations that provides basic validation and error handling capabilities.
AbstractReplyProducingMessageHandler Base class for MessageHandlers that are capable of producing replies.
BridgeHandler A simple MessageHandler implementation that passes the request Message directly to the output channel without modifying it.
DelayHandler A MessageHandler that is capable of delaying the continuation of a Message flow based on the presence of a delay header on an inbound Message or a default delay value configured on this handler.
ExpressionCommandMessageProcessor A MessageProcessor implementation that expects an Expression or expressionString as the Message payload.
ExpressionEvaluatingMessageProcessor<T> A MessageProcessor implementation that evaluates a SpEL expression with the Message itself as the root object within the evaluation context.
LoggingHandler MessageHandler implementation that simply logs the Message or its payload depending on the value of the 'shouldLogFullMessage' property.
MessageHandlerChain A composite MessageHandler implementation that invokes a chain of MessageHandler instances in order.
MethodInvokingMessageHandler A MessageHandler that invokes the specified method on the provided object.
MethodInvokingMessageProcessor<T> A MessageProcessor implementation that invokes a method on a target Object.