Package org.springframework.integration.jms

Interface Summary
JmsHeaderMapper Strategy interface for mapping integration Message headers to an outbound JMS Message (e.g.

Class Summary
ChannelPublishingJmsMessageListener JMS MessageListener that converts a JMS Message into a Spring Integration Message and sends that Message to a channel.
DefaultJmsHeaderMapper Default implementation of JmsHeaderMapper.
JmsDestinationPollingSource A source for receiving JMS Messages with a polling listener.
JmsHeaders Pre-defined names and prefixes to be used for setting and/or retrieving JMS attributes from/to integration Message Headers.
JmsMessageDrivenEndpoint A message-driven endpoint that receive JMS messages, converts them into Spring Integration Messages, and then sends the result to a channel.
JmsOutboundGateway An outbound Messaging Gateway for request/reply JMS.
JmsSendingMessageHandler A MessageConsumer that sends the converted Message payload within a JMS Message.