Package org.springframework.integration.transformer

Interface Summary
Transformer Strategy interface for transforming a Message.

Class Summary
AbstractMessageProcessingTransformer Base class for Message Transformers that delegate to a MessageProcessor.
AbstractPayloadTransformer<T,U> A base class for Transformer implementations that modify the payload of a Message.
AbstractTransformer A base class for Transformer implementations.
ClaimCheckInTransformer Transformer that stores a Message and returns a new Message whose payload is the id of the stored Message.
ClaimCheckOutTransformer Transformer that accepts a Message whose payload is a UUID and retrieves the Message associated with that id from a MessageStore if available.
ExpressionEvaluatingTransformer A Message Transformer implementation that evaluates the specified SpEL expression.
HeaderEnricher A Transformer that adds statically configured header values to a Message.
HeaderFilter Transformer that removes Message headers.
MapToObjectTransformer Will transform Map to an instance of Object.
MessageTransformingChannelInterceptor A ChannelInterceptor which invokes a Transformer when either sending-to or receiving-from a channel.
MessageTransformingHandler A reply-producing MessageHandler that delegates to a Transformer instance to modify the received Message and sends the result to its output channel.
MethodInvokingTransformer A Message Transformer implementation that invokes the specified method on the given object.
ObjectToMapTransformer Will transform an object graph into a flat Map where keys are valid SpEL expressions and values are of java.lang.* type.
ObjectToStringTransformer A simple transformer that creates an outbound payload by invoking the inbound payload Object's toString() method.
PayloadDeserializingTransformer Transformer that deserializes the inbound byte array payload to an object by delegating to a Converter<byte[], Object>.
PayloadSerializingTransformer Transformer that serializes the inbound payload into a byte array by delegating to a Converter<Object, byte[]>.
PayloadTypeConvertingTransformer<T,U> Transformer that converts the inbound payload to an object by delegating to a Converter<Object, Object>.

Exception Summary
MessageTransformationException Base Exception type for Message transformation errors.