Package org.springframework.integration.mail

Base package for Mail support.


Interface Summary
MailReceiver Strategy interface for receiving mail Messages.

Class Summary
AbstractMailReceiver Base class for MailReceiver implementations.
ImapIdleChannelAdapter An event-driven Channel Adapter that receives mail messages from a mail server that supports the IMAP "idle" command (see RFC 2177).
ImapMailReceiver A MailReceiver implementation for receiving mail messages from a mail server that supports the IMAP protocol.
MailHeaders Pre-defined header names to be used for setting and/or retrieving Mail Message attributes from/to integration Message Headers.
MailReceivingMessageSource MessageSource implementation that delegates to a MailReceiver to poll a mailbox.
MailSendingMessageHandler A MessageHandler implementation for sending mail.
MailTransportUtils Collection of utility methods to work with Mail transports.
Pop3MailReceiver A MailReceiver implementation that polls a mail server using the POP3 protocol.

Package org.springframework.integration.mail Description

Base package for Mail support.