Package org.springframework.integration.util

Provides core utility classes.


Interface Summary
CollectionFilter<T> Base strategy for filtering out a subset of a Collection of elements.

Class Summary
AcceptOnceCollectionFilter<T> An implementation of CollectionFilter that remembers the elements passed in the previous invocation in order to avoid returning those elements more than once.
AnnotatedMethodFilter A MethodFilter implementation that enables the following: matching on method name, if available exclusion of void-returning methods if 'requiresReply' is true limiting to annotated methods if at least one is present
ErrorHandlingTaskExecutor A TaskExecutor implementation that wraps an existing Executor instance in order to catch any exceptions.
FixedMethodFilter A MethodFilter implementation that will always return the same Method instance within a single-element list if it is present in the candidate list.
MessagingMethodInvokerHelper<T> A helper class for processors that invoke a method on a target Object using a combination of message payload(s) and headers as arguments.
UpperBound Thin wrapper around a Semaphore that allows to create a potentially unlimited upper bound to by used in buffers of messages (e.g.
UUIDConverter Utility to help generate UUID instances from generic objects.

Package org.springframework.integration.util Description

Provides core utility classes.