Package org.springframework.integration.xml.transformer

Provides Transformer and Enricher implementations.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
MarshallingTransformer An implementation of AbstractTransformer that delegates to an OXM Marshaller.
ResultToDocumentTransformer Creates a Document from a Result payload.
ResultToStringTransformer Converts the passed Result to an instance of String.
SourceCreatingTransformer Transforms the payload to a Source using a SourceFactory.
UnmarshallingTransformer An implementation of Transformer that delegates to an OXM Unmarshaller.
XPathHeaderEnricher Transformer implementation that evaluates XPath expressions against the message payload and inserts the result of the evaluation into a message header.
XPathTransformer Transformer implementation that evaluates an XPath expression against the inbound Message payload and returns a Message whose payload is the result of that evaluation.
XsltPayloadTransformer Thread safe XSLT transformer implementation which returns a transformed Source, Document, or String.

Package org.springframework.integration.xml.transformer Description

Provides Transformer and Enricher implementations.