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Class MailReceivingMessageSource

  extended by org.springframework.integration.mail.MailReceivingMessageSource
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MailReceivingMessageSource
extends java.lang.Object
implements MessageSource<javax.mail.Message>

MessageSource implementation that delegates to a MailReceiver to poll a mailbox. Each poll of the mailbox may return more than one message which will then be stored in a queue.

Jonas Partner, Mark Fisher

Constructor Summary
MailReceivingMessageSource(MailReceiver mailReceiver)
Method Summary
 Message<javax.mail.Message> receive()
          Retrieve the next available message from this source.
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Constructor Detail


public MailReceivingMessageSource(MailReceiver mailReceiver)
Method Detail


public Message<javax.mail.Message> receive()
Description copied from interface: MessageSource
Retrieve the next available message from this source. Returns null if no message is available.

Specified by:
receive in interface MessageSource<javax.mail.Message>

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