Java configuration annotations.


Enum Summary
AutowireMode Enumeration determining autowiring mode: that is, how JavaConfig should inject dependencies, via constructor, via setter, and whether by name or by type.
DependencyCheck Annotation representing a Spring IoC dependency check status.
Lazy Lazy instantiation options.
Primary Signifies Beans as primary for disambiguation when looking up beans by type.

Annotation Types Summary
AutoBean Annotation used to indicate a bean that is automatically instantiated (using the default constructor) and autowired.
Bean Annotation to be applied to methods that create beans in a Spring context.
Configuration Annotation indicating that a class is a "Java Configuration" class, meaning that it exposes one or more Bean methods.
ExternalBean Annotation used to indicate an external bean, that must be supplied by the environment.
ExternalValue Annotation used to assign externally-supplied values to fields and/or methods.
Import Annotation for importing other Configuration classes.
Meta Bean metadata annotation.

Package Description

Java configuration annotations.

This package contains the annotations used for tagging the Java code used for creating Spring configurations. The most important annotations are @Configuration used for indicating a configuration class and @Bean for bean creation and configuration.