Class RetryTopicSchedulerWrapper

All Implemented Interfaces:
DisposableBean, InitializingBean

public class RetryTopicSchedulerWrapper extends Object implements InitializingBean, DisposableBean
A wrapper class for a TaskScheduler to use for scheduling container resumption when a partition has been paused for a retry topic. Using this class prevents breaking Spring Boot's auto configuration for other frameworks. Use this if you are using Spring Boot and do not want to use that auto configured scheduler (if it is configured). This framework requires a scheduler bean and looks for one in this order: 1. A single instance of this class, 2. a single TaskScheduler bean, 3. when multiple TaskSchedulers are present, a bean with the name taskScheduler. If you use this class, you should provide a TaskScheduler that is not defined as a bean; this class will maintain the scheduler's lifecycle.
Gary Russell