Class EqualsFilter

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LikeFilter, WhitespaceWildcardsFilter

public class EqualsFilter
extends CompareFilter

A filter for 'equals'. The following code:

 EqualsFilter filter = new EqualsFilter("cn", "Some CN");
would result in:
(cn=Some CN)

Adam Skogman

Constructor Summary
EqualsFilter(java.lang.String attribute, int value)
          Convenience constructor for int values.
EqualsFilter(java.lang.String attribute, java.lang.String value)
Method Summary
protected  java.lang.String getCompareString()
          Implement this method in subclass to return a String representing the operator.
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Constructor Detail


public EqualsFilter(java.lang.String attribute,
                    java.lang.String value)


public EqualsFilter(java.lang.String attribute,
                    int value)
Convenience constructor for int values.

attribute - Name of attribute in filter.
value - The value of the attribute in the filter.
Method Detail


protected java.lang.String getCompareString()
Description copied from class: CompareFilter
Implement this method in subclass to return a String representing the operator. The getCompareString() would for example return an equals sign, "=".

Specified by:
getCompareString in class CompareFilter
the String to use as operator in the comparison for the specific subclass.

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