Support classes for Spring-LDAP.


Interface Summary
AttributeModificationsAware Indicates that the implementor is capable of keeping track of any attribute modifications and return them as ModificationItems.
DirContextOperations Interface for DirContextAdapter to simplify mock testing.

Class Summary
AbstractContextSource Abstract implementation of the ContextSource interface.
CountNameClassPairCallbackHandler A NameClassPairCallbackHandler for counting all returned entries.
DefaultDirObjectFactory Default implementation of the DirObjectFactory interface.
DirContextAdapter Implements the interesting methods of the DirContext interface.
DirContextSource ContextSource implementation which creates InitialDirContext instances, for LDAPv2 compatibility.
DistinguishedName Default implementation of a Name corresponding to an LDAP path.
LdapContextSource ContextSource implementation which creates an InitialLdapContext instance.
LdapEncoder Helper class to encode and decode ldap names and values.
LdapRdn Datatype for a LDAP name, a part of a path.

Package Description

Support classes for Spring-LDAP.

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