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Class SeparatorPolicy

  extended by org.springframework.ldap.ldif.support.SeparatorPolicy

public class SeparatorPolicy
extends Object

Policy object for enforcing LDIF record separation rules. Designed explicitly for use in LdifParser. This default separator policy should really not be required to be replaced but it is modular just in case.

This class applies the separation policy prescribed in RFC2849 for LDIF files and identifies the line type from the input.

Keith Barlow

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 LineIdentifier assess(String line)
          Assess a read line.
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Constructor Detail


public SeparatorPolicy()
Method Detail


public LineIdentifier assess(String line)
Assess a read line.

In LDIF, lines must adhere to a particular format. A line can only contain one attribute and its value. The value may span multiple lines. Continuation lines are marked by the presence of a single space in the 1st position. Non-continuation lines must start in the first position.

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