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Packages that use Converter
org.springframework.ldap.odm.typeconversion.impl Provides an implementation of the ConverterManager interface. 
org.springframework.ldap.odm.typeconversion.impl.converters Provides some basic implementations of the Converter interface. 

Uses of Converter in org.springframework.ldap.odm.typeconversion.impl

Methods in org.springframework.ldap.odm.typeconversion.impl with parameters of type Converter
 void ConverterManagerImpl.addConverter(Class<?> fromClass, String syntax, Class<?> toClass, Converter converter)
          Add a Converter to this ConverterManager.
 void ConverterManagerFactoryBean.ConverterConfig.setConverter(Converter converter)

Uses of Converter in org.springframework.ldap.odm.typeconversion.impl.converters

Classes in org.springframework.ldap.odm.typeconversion.impl.converters that implement Converter
 class FromStringConverter
          A Converter from a String to any class which has a single argument public constructor taking a String.
 class ToStringConverter
          A Converter from any class to a String via the toString method.

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