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Packages that use Specification
org.springframework.ldap.ldif.parser This package contains the parser classes and interfaces. 
org.springframework.ldap.schema This package is aimed at providing a mechanism to implement LDAP schemas. 

Uses of Specification in org.springframework.ldap.ldif.parser

Methods in org.springframework.ldap.ldif.parser with parameters of type Specification
 void LdifParser.setRecordSpecification(Specification<LdapAttributes> specification)
          Policy object for enforcing rules to acceptable LDAP objects.

Uses of Specification in org.springframework.ldap.schema

Classes in org.springframework.ldap.schema that implement Specification
 class BasicSchemaSpecification
          BasicSchemaSpecification establishes a minimal set of requirements for object classes.
 class DefaultSchemaSpecification
          DefaultSchemaSpecification does not validate objects at all - it simply returns true.

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