Spring-DM import support package.


Class Summary
AbstractDependableServiceImporter Base class implementing the DependableServiceImporter interface.
AbstractOsgiServiceImportFactoryBean Base class for importing OSGi services.
Cardinality Enum-like class containing the OSGi importer services cardinality.
CollectionType Enumeration-like class which indicates the supported Spring DM managed OSGi service collection types.
ImportContextClassLoader Enum-like class containing the OSGi service importer thread context class loader (TCCL) management options.
LocalBundleContext Class containing static methods used to obtain information about the current OSGi service invocation.
OsgiServiceCollectionProxyFactoryBean OSGi service (collection) importer.
OsgiServiceProxyFactoryBean OSGi (single) service importer.
ServiceReferenceEditor PropertyEditor that converts an <osgi:reference> element into a ServiceReference.

Package Description

Spring-DM import support package. Supporting classes for org.springframework.osgi.service.importer package.

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