Package org.springframework.osgi.test

Spring-DM integration testing support.


Class Summary
AbstractConfigurableBundleCreatorTests Abstract JUnit base class that allows easy OSGi integration testing.
AbstractConfigurableOsgiTests Abstract JUnit super class which configures an OsgiPlatform.
AbstractDependencyManagerTests Dependency manager class - deals with locating of various artifacts required by the OSGi test.
AbstractOnTheFlyBundleCreatorTests Enhanced subclass of AbstractDependencyManagerTests that facilitates OSGi testing by creating at runtime, on the fly, a jar using the indicated manifest and resource patterns (by default all files found under the root path).
AbstractOptionalDependencyInjectionTests JUnit superclass, which creates an empty OSGi bundle appCtx when no configuration file is specified.
AbstractOsgiTests Base test for OSGi environments.
AbstractSynchronizedOsgiTests JUnit superclass which offers synchronization for application context initialization.
JUnitTestActivator Test bundle activator - looks for a predefined JUnit test runner and triggers the test execution.

Package org.springframework.osgi.test Description

Spring-DM integration testing support.
Provides JUnit base classes for doing OSGi integration testing. Will execute the tests inside a real OSGi platform (which can be configured directly from the test). The test itself is bundled on the fly, the base classes creating the MANIFEST and jar archive automatically.

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