Spring Dynamic Modules 1.1.0-m1 API

This document is the API specification for the Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGiTM Service Platforms.


Spring Dynamic Modules Core
org.springframework.osgi Core root package for Spring Dynamic Modules.
org.springframework.osgi.bundle Osgi Bundle support package.
org.springframework.osgi.context OSGi specific application context package.
org.springframework.osgi.context.event Event package for OSGi application contexts.
org.springframework.osgi.context.support Support package for OSGi specific application contexts.
org.springframework.osgi.service Exception hierarchy for Spring-DM's OSGi service integration.
org.springframework.osgi.service.dependency Package defining the service dependency between imported and exported beans.
org.springframework.osgi.service.exporter Generic interfaces for Spring-DM OSGi service export infrastructure.
org.springframework.osgi.service.exporter.support Support package for exporting objects as OSGi services.
org.springframework.osgi.service.importer Generic interfaces for Spring-DM OSGi service import infrastructure.
org.springframework.osgi.service.importer.support Support package for OSGi service imports.
org.springframework.osgi.util Useful OSGi utilities.


Spring Dynamic Modules IO
org.springframework.osgi.io Spring IO abstraction over the OSGi resource loading APIs.


Spring Dynamic Modules Web Support
org.springframework.osgi.web.extender.deployer Classes supporting deployment of web application into the OSGi platform.
org.springframework.osgi.web.extender.deployer.jetty Jetty deployer package.
org.springframework.osgi.web.extender.deployer.support Deployer support package.
org.springframework.osgi.web.extender.deployer.tomcat Tomcat deployer package.


Spring Dynamic Modules Integration Testing Framework
org.springframework.osgi.test Testing framework for JUnit-stlye OSGi integration testing.
org.springframework.osgi.test.platform Integration with various OSGi platforms for lifecycle management.
org.springframework.osgi.test.provisioning Provisioning package for testing environments.


Spring Dynamic Modules Mock
org.springframework.osgi.mock OSGi Mocks.


Spring Dynamic Modules Extensions
org.springframework.osgi.extensions.annotation Annotation Extensions: Allows declarative injection of OSGi services through annotation.


This document is the API specification for the Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGiTM Service Platforms.

Note: OSGi is a trademark of the OSGi Alliance.Project name is pending final approval from the Alliance.

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