Interface WarDeployer

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractWarDeployer, JettyWarDeployer, TomcatWarDeployer

public interface WarDeployer

OSGi WAR bundle deployer. Handles the installing and uninstalling of the OSGi bundle as an web application and deals with any container specific integration.

Implementations are free to use specific environments for the actual deployment process, such as Apache Tomcat, OSGi HttpService, Jetty or other web containers. It is up to implementations to start the servers embedded or to require their presence (though the latter is preferred).

As the war listener handles the detection, start up and shutdown of the bundles, the deployer should be concerned only with the deployment process of the bundle. It is recommended to thrown exceptions (if any) unwrapped as the extender will take care of logging and wrapping.

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Method Summary
 WarDeployment deploy(Bundle bundle, String contextPath)
          Deploys the given bundle as a WAR using the given context path.

Method Detail


WarDeployment deploy(Bundle bundle,
                     String contextPath)
                     throws OsgiWarDeploymentException
Deploys the given bundle as a WAR using the given context path. Traditionally, a WAR means the given bundle contains a WEB-INF/web.xml file in its bundle space. However, implementations can chose to create a synthetic WAR or use other configuration files instead.

bundle - war bundle
contextPath - the war context path
a war deployment for the given bundle
OsgiWarDeploymentException - if something went wrong during deployment

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