Interface BundleContextAware

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractOsgiServiceImportFactoryBean, AbstractWarDeployer, BeanNameServicePropertiesResolver, BundleFactoryBean, ConfigAdminPropertiesFactoryBean, JettyWarDeployer, OsgiServiceCollectionProxyFactoryBean, OsgiServiceFactoryBean, OsgiServiceProxyFactoryBean, ServiceReferenceInjectionBeanPostProcessor, TomcatWarDeployer

public interface BundleContextAware

Interface that enables beans to find the bundle context they are defined in. Note that in most circumstances there is no need for a bean to implement this interface.

Adrian Colyer

Method Summary
 void setBundleContext(BundleContext bundleContext)
          Set the BundleContext that this bean runs in.

Method Detail


void setBundleContext(BundleContext bundleContext)
Set the BundleContext that this bean runs in. Normally this can be used to initialize an object.

bundleContext - the BundleContext object to be used by this object

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