Support package for OSGi specific application contexts.


Interface Summary
ContextClassLoaderProvider Strategy interface for plugging various thread context class loaders during an OSGi application context critical life cycle events.

Class Summary
AbstractDelegatedExecutionApplicationContext OSGi-specific application context that delegates the execution of its life cycle methods to a different class.
AbstractOsgiBundleApplicationContext AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext subclass that implements the ConfigurableOsgiBundleApplicationContext interface for OSGi environments.
BundleContextAwareProcessor BeanPostProcessor handling classes that implement BundleContextAware interface.
DefaultContextClassLoaderProvider Default implementation of ContextClassLoaderProvider interface.
OsgiBundleXmlApplicationContext Stand-alone XML application context, backed by an OSGi bundle.

Package Description

Support package for OSGi specific application contexts.
Defines the actual OSGi application context hierarchy.

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