Class OsgiBundleResourcePatternResolver

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All Implemented Interfaces:
ResourceLoader, ResourcePatternResolver

public class OsgiBundleResourcePatternResolver
extends PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver

OSGi-aware ResourcePatternResolver. Can find resources in the bundle jar and bundle space. See OsgiBundleResource for more information.

ClassPath support

As mentioned by PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver, class-path pattern matching needs to resolve the class-path structure to a file-system location (be it an actual folder or a jar). Inside the OSGi environment this is problematic as the bundles can be loaded in memory directly from input streams. To avoid relying on each platform bundle storage structure, this implementation tries to determine the bundles that assemble the given bundle class-path and analyze each of them individually. This involves the bundle archive (including special handling of the Bundle-Classpath as it is computed at runtime), the bundle required packages and its attached fragments. Depending on the configuration of running environment, this might cause significant IO activity which can affect performance.

Note: Currently, static imports as well as Bundle-Classpath and Required-Bundle entries are supported. Support for DynamicPackage-Import depends on how/when the underlying platform does the wiring between the dynamically imported bundle and the given bundle.

Portability Note: Since it relies only on the OSGi API, this implementation depends heavily on how closely the platform implements the OSGi spec. While significant tests have been made to ensure compatibility, one might experience different behaviour especially when dealing with jars with missing folder entries or boot-path delegation. It is strongly recommended that wildcard resolution be thoroughly tested before switching to a different platform before you rely on it.

Costin Leau
See Also:
Bundle, OsgiBundleResource, PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface
Fields inherited from interface
Constructor Summary
OsgiBundleResourcePatternResolver(Bundle bundle)
OsgiBundleResourcePatternResolver(ResourceLoader resourceLoader)
Method Summary
protected  Resource[] findResources(String locationPattern)
          Finds existing resources.
 Resource[] getResources(String locationPattern)
protected  boolean isJarResource(Resource resource)
           Overrides the default check up since computing the URL can be fairly expensive operation as there is no caching (due to the framework dynamic nature).
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convertClassLoaderURL, determineRootDir, doFindMatchingFileSystemResources, doFindPathMatchingFileResources, doFindPathMatchingJarResources, doRetrieveMatchingFiles, findAllClassPathResources, findPathMatchingResources, getClassLoader, getJarFile, getPathMatcher, getResource, getResourceLoader, resolveRootDirResource, retrieveMatchingFiles, setPathMatcher
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Constructor Detail


public OsgiBundleResourcePatternResolver(Bundle bundle)


public OsgiBundleResourcePatternResolver(ResourceLoader resourceLoader)
Method Detail


protected Resource[] findResources(String locationPattern)
                            throws IOException
Finds existing resources. This method returns the actual resources found w/o adding any extra decoration (such as non-existing resources).

locationPattern - location pattern
found resources (w/o any decoration)
IOException - in case of I/O errors


public Resource[] getResources(String locationPattern)
                        throws IOException
Specified by:
getResources in interface ResourcePatternResolver
getResources in class PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver


protected boolean isJarResource(Resource resource)
                         throws IOException
Overrides the default check up since computing the URL can be fairly expensive operation as there is no caching (due to the framework dynamic nature).

isJarResource in class PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver

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