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Spring REST Docs 1.1.2.RELEASE
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scheme(String) - Method in class org.springframework.restdocs.restassured.operation.preprocess.UriModifyingOperationPreprocessor
Modifies the URI to use the given scheme.
set(String, String...) - Method in class org.springframework.restdocs.operation.preprocess.ParametersModifyingOperationPreprocessor
Sets the parameter with the given name to have the given values.
setEncoding(String) - Method in class org.springframework.restdocs.snippet.StandardWriterResolver
setEncoding(String) - Method in interface org.springframework.restdocs.snippet.WriterResolver
since 1.1.0 in favour of configuring the encoding when to resolver is created
Snippet - Interface in org.springframework.restdocs.snippet
A Snippet is used to document aspects of a call to a RESTful API.
SnippetConfigurer<PARENT,TYPE> - Class in org.springframework.restdocs.config
A configurer that can be used to configure the generated documentation snippets.
SnippetConfigurer(PARENT) - Constructor for class org.springframework.restdocs.config.SnippetConfigurer
Creates a new SnippetConfigurer with the given parent.
SnippetException - Exception in org.springframework.restdocs.snippet
A RuntimeException thrown to indicate a problem with the generation of a documentation snippet.
SnippetException(String) - Constructor for exception org.springframework.restdocs.snippet.SnippetException
Creates a new SnippetException described by the given message.
snippets() - Method in class org.springframework.restdocs.config.RestDocumentationConfigurer
Returns a SnippetConfigurer that can be used to configure the snippets that will be generated.
snippets() - Method in class org.springframework.restdocs.mockmvc.MockMvcRestDocumentationConfigurer
snippets(Snippet...) - Method in class org.springframework.restdocs.mockmvc.RestDocumentationResultHandler
since 1.1 in favor of RestDocumentationResultHandler.document(Snippet...) and passing the return value into ResultActions.andDo(ResultHandler)
snippets() - Method in class org.springframework.restdocs.restassured.RestAssuredRestDocumentationConfigurer
snippets(Snippet...) - Method in class org.springframework.restdocs.restassured.RestDocumentationFilter
since 1.1 in favor of document(Snippet...)
StandardOperation - Class in org.springframework.restdocs.operation
Standard implementation of Operation.
StandardOperation(String, OperationRequest, OperationResponse, Map<String, Object>) - Constructor for class org.springframework.restdocs.operation.StandardOperation
Creates a new StandardOperation.
StandardTemplateResourceResolver - Class in org.springframework.restdocs.templates
Standard implementation of TemplateResourceResolver.
StandardTemplateResourceResolver() - Constructor for class org.springframework.restdocs.templates.StandardTemplateResourceResolver
StandardTemplateResourceResolver(TemplateFormat) - Constructor for class org.springframework.restdocs.templates.StandardTemplateResourceResolver
Creates a new StandardTemplateResourceResolver that will produce default template resources formatted with the given templateFormat.
StandardWriterResolver - Class in org.springframework.restdocs.snippet
Standard implementation of WriterResolver.
StandardWriterResolver(PropertyPlaceholderHelper.PlaceholderResolver) - Constructor for class org.springframework.restdocs.snippet.StandardWriterResolver
StandardWriterResolver(PlaceholderResolverFactory, String, TemplateFormat) - Constructor for class org.springframework.restdocs.snippet.StandardWriterResolver
Creates a new StandardWriterResolver that will use a PropertyPlaceholderHelper.PlaceholderResolver created from the given placeholderResolverFactory to resolve any placeholders in the operationName.
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Spring REST Docs 1.1.2.RELEASE