Deprecated API

Deprecated Classes
          Use AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter instead.
          Use UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter instead.
          Use LoginUrlAuthenticationEntryPoint instead.
          Use SecurityContextPersistenceFilter instead.
          Use new spring-security-acl module instead
          use method annotations or the protect-pointcut support from the namespace
          Use Http403ForbiddenEntryPoint instead.
          use a RoleHierarchyVoter instead of populating the user Authentication object with the additional authorities.
          use a RoleHierarchyVoter instead. 

Deprecated Fields

Deprecated Methods
          Override the loadContext method and copy the created context instead.
          use AbstractAuthenticationManager.setClearExtraInformation(boolean)
          use setSecurityMetadataSource instead

Deprecated Constructors, Object, GrantedAuthority[])
          use the second constructor
          use the decoupled approach instead, String, boolean, boolean, boolean, boolean, GrantedAuthority[])
   , Object, GrantedAuthority[])
          use the list of authorities version 

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