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Interface BasicAclDao

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JdbcDaoImpl, JdbcExtendedDaoImpl

Deprecated. Use new spring-security-acl module instead

public interface BasicAclDao

Represents a data access object that can return the BasicAclEntrys applying to a given ACL object identity.

BasicAclDao implementations are responsible for interpreting a given AclObjectIdentity and being able to lookup and return the corresponding BasicAclEntry[]s.

BasicAclDaos many, but are not required to, allow the backend ACL repository to specify the class of BasicAclEntry implementations that should be returned.

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Method Summary
 BasicAclEntry[] getAcls(AclObjectIdentity aclObjectIdentity)
          Deprecated. Obtains the ACLs that apply to the specified domain instance.

Method Detail


BasicAclEntry[] getAcls(AclObjectIdentity aclObjectIdentity)
Obtains the ACLs that apply to the specified domain instance.

Does not perform caching, include ACLs from any inheritance hierarchy or filter returned objects based on effective permissions. Implementations are solely responsible for returning ACLs found in the ACL repository for the specified object identity.

aclObjectIdentity - the domain object instance that ACL information is being requested for (never null)
the ACLs that apply (no nulls are permitted in the array), or null if no ACLs could be found for the specified ACL object identity

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