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Class GrantedAuthorityEffectiveAclsResolver

  extended by org.springframework.security.acl.basic.GrantedAuthorityEffectiveAclsResolver
All Implemented Interfaces:

Deprecated. Use new spring-security-acl module instead

public class GrantedAuthorityEffectiveAclsResolver
extends Object
implements EffectiveAclsResolver

Simple implementation of EffectiveAclsResolver.

This implementation does not need to understand the "recipient" types presented in a BasicAclEntry because it merely delegates to the detected Authentication.getPrincipal() or Authentication.getAuthorities(). The principal object or granted authorities object has its Object.equals(recipient) method called to make the decision as to whether the recipient in the BasicAclEntry is the same as the principal or granted authority.

This class should prove an adequate ACLs resolver if you're using standard Spring Security classes. This is because the typical Authentication token is UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken, which for its principal is usually a String. The GrantedAuthorityImpl is typically used for granted authorities, which tests for equality based on a String. This means BasicAclDaos simply need to return a String to represent the recipient. If you use non-String objects, you will probably require an alternative EffectiveAclsResolver.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 AclEntry[] resolveEffectiveAcls(AclEntry[] allAcls, Authentication filteredBy)
          Deprecated. Determines the ACLs that apply to the presented Authentication object.
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Constructor Detail


public GrantedAuthorityEffectiveAclsResolver()
Method Detail


public AclEntry[] resolveEffectiveAcls(AclEntry[] allAcls,
                                       Authentication filteredBy)
Description copied from interface: EffectiveAclsResolver
Determines the ACLs that apply to the presented Authentication object.

Specified by:
resolveEffectiveAcls in interface EffectiveAclsResolver
allAcls - every ACL assigned to a domain object instance
filteredBy - the principal (populated with GrantedAuthoritys along with any other members that relate to role or group membership) that effective ACLs should be returned for
the ACLs that apply to the presented principal, or null if there are none after filtering

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