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Interface OwnershipAcl

All Superinterfaces:
Acl, MutableAcl, Serializable
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public interface OwnershipAcl
extends MutableAcl

A mutable ACL that provides ownership capabilities.

Generally the owner of an ACL is able to call any ACL mutator method, as well as assign a new owner.

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Method Summary
 void setOwner(Sid newOwner)
          Changes the present owner to a different owner.
Methods inherited from interface org.springframework.security.acls.MutableAcl
deleteAce, getId, insertAce, setEntriesInheriting, setParent, updateAce
Methods inherited from interface org.springframework.security.acls.Acl
getEntries, getObjectIdentity, getOwner, getParentAcl, isEntriesInheriting, isGranted, isSidLoaded

Method Detail


void setOwner(Sid newOwner)
Description copied from interface: MutableAcl
Changes the present owner to a different owner.

Specified by:
setOwner in interface MutableAcl
newOwner - the new owner (mandatory; cannot be null)

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