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Annotation Type Secured

public @interface Secured

Java 5 annotation for describing service layer security attributes.

The Secured annotation is used to define a list of security configuration attributes for business methods. This annotation can be used as a Java 5 alternative to XML configuration.

For example:

     @Secured ({"ROLE_USER"})
     public void create(Contact contact);

     @Secured ({"ROLE_USER", "ROLE_ADMIN"})
     public void update(Contact contact);

     @Secured ({"ROLE_ADMIN"})
     public void delete(Contact contact);

Mark St.Godard

Required Element Summary
 String[] value
          Returns the list of security configuration attributes.

Element Detail


public abstract String[] value
Returns the list of security configuration attributes. (i.e. ROLE_USER, ROLE_ADMIN etc.)

String[] The secure method attributes

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