Spring Security Framework

Package org.springframework.security.ldap

Interface Summary
InitialDirContextFactory Deprecated. Use SpringSecurityContextSource instead
LdapAuthoritiesPopulator Obtains a list of granted authorities for an Ldap user.
LdapCallback Deprecated. use spring-ldap ContextExecutor instead.
LdapEntryMapper Deprecated. in favour of Spring LDAP ContextMapper
LdapUsernameToDnMapper Constructs an Ldap Distinguished Name from a username.
LdapUserSearch Obtains a user's information from the LDAP directory given a login name.
NamingExceptionTranslator Deprecated. Spring ldap is used instead.
SpringSecurityContextSource Extension of ContextSource which allows binding explicitly as a particular user.

Class Summary
DefaultInitialDirContextFactory Deprecated. use DefaultSpringSecurityContextSource instead.
DefaultLdapUsernameToDnMapper This implementation appends a name component to the userDnBase context using the usernameAttributeName property.
DefaultSpringSecurityContextSource SpringSecurityContextSource implementation which uses Spring LDAP's LdapContextSource as a base class.
LdapUtils LDAP Utility methods.
SpringSecurityAuthenticationSource An AuthenticationSource to retrieve authentication information stored in Spring Security's SecurityContextHolder.
SpringSecurityLdapTemplate Extension of Spring LDAP's LdapTemplate class which adds extra functionality required by Spring Security.

Exception Summary
LdapDataAccessException Deprecated. Spring LDAP classes are now used instead.

Spring Security Framework

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