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Class Md4PasswordEncoder

  extended by org.springframework.security.providers.encoding.BasePasswordEncoder
      extended by org.springframework.security.providers.encoding.BaseDigestPasswordEncoder
          extended by org.springframework.security.providers.encoding.Md4PasswordEncoder
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Md4PasswordEncoder
extends BaseDigestPasswordEncoder

MD4 implementation of PasswordEncoder.

If a null password is presented, it will be treated as an empty String ("") password.

As MD4 is a one-way hash, the salt can contain any characters.

NOTE: This password encoder is only included for backwards compatability with legacy applications, it's not secure, don't use it for anything new!

Alan Stewart

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 String encodePassword(String rawPass, Object salt)
          Encodes the rawPass using an MD4 message digest.
 String getAlgorithm()
 boolean isPasswordValid(String encPass, String rawPass, Object salt)
          Takes a previously encoded password and compares it with a raw password after mixing in the salt and encoding that value.
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demergePasswordAndSalt, mergePasswordAndSalt
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Constructor Detail


public Md4PasswordEncoder()
Method Detail


public String encodePassword(String rawPass,
                             Object salt)
Encodes the rawPass using an MD4 message digest. If a salt is specified it will be merged with the password before encoding.

rawPass - The plain text password
salt - The salt to sprinkle
Hex string of password digest (or base64 encoded string if encodeHashAsBase64 is enabled.


public boolean isPasswordValid(String encPass,
                               String rawPass,
                               Object salt)
Takes a previously encoded password and compares it with a raw password after mixing in the salt and encoding that value.

encPass - previously encoded password
rawPass - plain text password
salt - salt to mix into password
true or false


public String getAlgorithm()

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