Spring Security Framework

Package org.springframework.security.userdetails

Interface Summary
AuthenticationUserDetailsService Interface that allows for retrieving a UserDetails object based on an Authentication object.
GroupManager Allows management of groups of authorities and their members.
UserDetails Provides core user information.
UserDetailsManager An extension of the UserDetailsService which provides the ability to create new users and update existing ones.
UserDetailsService Defines an interface for implementations that wish to provide data access services to the DaoAuthenticationProvider.

Class Summary
User Models core user information retieved by an UserDetailsService.
UserDetailsByNameServiceWrapper This implementation for AuthenticationUserDetailsService wraps a regular Spring Security UserDetailsService implementation, to retrieve a UserDetails object based on the user name contained in a PreAuthenticatedAuthenticationToken.

Exception Summary
UsernameNotFoundException Thrown if an UserDetailsService implementation cannot locate a User by its username.

Spring Security Framework

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