Interface LookupStrategy

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public interface LookupStrategy

Performs lookups for AclService.

Method Summary
 java.util.Map<ObjectIdentity,Acl> readAclsById(java.util.List<ObjectIdentity> objects, java.util.List<Sid> sids)
          Perform database-specific optimized lookup.

Method Detail


java.util.Map<ObjectIdentity,Acl> readAclsById(java.util.List<ObjectIdentity> objects,
                                               java.util.List<Sid> sids)
Perform database-specific optimized lookup.

objects - the identities to lookup (required)
sids - the SIDs for which identities are required (may be null - implementations may elect not to provide SID optimisations)
a Map where keys represent the ObjectIdentity of the located Acl and values are the located Acl (never null although some entries may be missing; this method should not throw NotFoundException, as a chain of LookupStrategys may be used to automatically create entries if required)