Interface CredentialsContainer

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAuthenticationToken, AnonymousAuthenticationToken, CasAssertionAuthenticationToken, CasAuthenticationToken, JaasAuthenticationToken, OpenIDAuthenticationToken, PreAuthenticatedAuthenticationToken, RememberMeAuthenticationToken, RunAsUserToken, TestingAuthenticationToken, User, UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken

public interface CredentialsContainer

Indicates that the implementing object contains sensitive data, which can be erased using the eraseCredentials method. Implementations are expected to invoke the method on any internal objects which may also implement this interface.

For internal framework use only. Users who are writing their own AuthenticationProvider implementations should create and return an appropriate Authentication object there, minus any sensitive data, rather than using this interface.


Method Summary
 void eraseCredentials()

Method Detail


void eraseCredentials()