Pre-authentication support for container-authenticated requests.


Class Summary
AbstractPreAuthenticatedAuthenticationDetailsSource Base implementation for classes scenarios where the authentication details object is used to store a list of authorities obtained from the context object (such as an HttpServletRequest) passed to AbstractPreAuthenticatedAuthenticationDetailsSource.buildDetails(Object).
J2eeBasedPreAuthenticatedWebAuthenticationDetailsSource Implementation of AuthenticationDetailsSource which converts the user's J2EE roles (as obtained by calling HttpServletRequest.isUserInRole(String)) into GrantedAuthoritys and stores these in the authentication details object.
J2eePreAuthenticatedProcessingFilter This AbstractPreAuthenticatedProcessingFilter implementation is based on the J2EE container-based authentication mechanism.
WebXmlMappableAttributesRetriever This MappableAttributesRetriever implementation reads the list of defined J2EE roles from a web.xml file and returns these from {WebXmlMappableAttributesRetriever.getMappableAttributes().

Package Description

Pre-authentication support for container-authenticated requests.

It is assumed that standard JEE security has been configured and Spring Security hooks into the security methods exposed by HttpServletRequest to build Authentication object for the user.