Class AclEntryAfterInvocationCollectionFilteringProvider

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public class AclEntryAfterInvocationCollectionFilteringProvider
extends AbstractAclProvider

Given a Collection of domain object instances returned from a secure object invocation, remove any Collection elements the principal does not have appropriate permission to access as defined by the AclService.

The AclService is used to retrieve the access control list (ACL) permissions associated with each Collection domain object instance element for the current Authentication object.

This after invocation provider will fire if any ConfigAttribute.getAttribute() matches the AbstractAclProvider.processConfigAttribute. The provider will then lookup the ACLs from the AclService and ensure the principal is Acl.isGranted() when presenting the AbstractAclProvider.requirePermission array to that method.

If the principal does not have permission, that element will not be included in the returned Collection.

Often users will setup a BasicAclEntryAfterInvocationProvider with a AbstractAclProvider.processConfigAttribute of AFTER_ACL_COLLECTION_READ and a AbstractAclProvider.requirePermission of BasePermission.READ. These are also the defaults.

If the provided returnObject is null, a nullCollection will be returned. If the provided returnObject is not a Collection, an AuthorizationServiceException will be thrown.

All comparisons and prefixes are case sensitive.

Field Summary
protected static org.apache.commons.logging.Log logger
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aclService, objectIdentityRetrievalStrategy, processConfigAttribute, processDomainObjectClass, requirePermission, sidRetrievalStrategy
Constructor Summary
AclEntryAfterInvocationCollectionFilteringProvider(AclService aclService, List<Permission> requirePermission)
Method Summary
 Object decide(Authentication authentication, Object object, Collection<ConfigAttribute> config, Object returnedObject)
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getProcessDomainObjectClass, hasPermission, setObjectIdentityRetrievalStrategy, setProcessConfigAttribute, setProcessDomainObjectClass, setSidRetrievalStrategy, supports, supports
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Field Detail


protected static final org.apache.commons.logging.Log logger
Constructor Detail


public AclEntryAfterInvocationCollectionFilteringProvider(AclService aclService,
                                                          List<Permission> requirePermission)
Method Detail


public Object decide(Authentication authentication,
                     Object object,
                     Collection<ConfigAttribute> config,
                     Object returnedObject)
              throws AccessDeniedException