Interface JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler

All Known Implementing Classes:
JaasNameCallbackHandler, JaasPasswordCallbackHandler

public interface JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler

The JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler is similar to the interface in that it defines a handle method. The JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler is only asked to handle one Callback instance at at time rather than an array of all Callbacks, as the javax... CallbackHandler defines.

Before a JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler is asked to 'handle' any callbacks, it is first passed the Authentication object that the login attempt is for. NOTE: The Authentication object has not been 'authenticated' yet.

See Also:
JaasNameCallbackHandler, JaasPasswordCallbackHandler, Callback, CallbackHandler

Method Summary
 void handle(Callback callback, Authentication auth)
          Handle the Callback.

Method Detail


void handle(Callback callback,
            Authentication auth)
            throws IOException,
Handle the Callback. The handle method will be called for every callback instance sent from the LoginContext. Meaning that The handle method may be called multiple times for a given JaasAuthenticationCallbackHandler.

callback -
auth - The Authentication object currently being authenticated.